The HOPE Program is our educational and material assistance program. We use BRIGHTCOURSE online videos for our clients to learn about all aspects of pregnancy, child development, early infant care, and parenting skills. We even have videos on life skills and a special fatherhood pack as well.

You can earn HOPE CREDITS for every completed part of the education program. If you bring a support partner (the baby’s father or your mom, sister, or friend), you can earn double credits. These credits can be redeemed for items you need for your baby. If there is something that you need and we don’t have it, we can make referrals to other community agencies. The HOPE program can be continued through the baby’s first year.

Any client who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, or first time pregnancy and who is in need of education, emotional or spiritual support, and material assistance.

A long-term care program of accountability that allows a woman to earn what she needs for her baby while being a part of a supportive, educational, personal growth program. This program combines streaming videos with worksheets, parenting education, and one-on-one emotional support. The program includes information about pregnancy, labor and delivery, early infant care, raising toddlers, parenting, relationships, and life skills.

Clients should enroll early in their pregnancy. Most clients schedule weekly appointments at the center throughout their pregnancy.

Clients may call 484-1234 to schedule an appointment.