A woman always has three pregnancy options, and none of them are easy. Let us provide you with information regarding all your options so you can make an informed decision you can live well with.


No matter what your choice, there are things you need to consider.

Considering ABORTION or the abortion pill?

Abortion is a difficult choice for any woman. To make sure your reproductive health choice is right for you, arm yourself with knowledge.

You’ll need to know:

  • If you have a viable pregnancy (About 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage in the first 10 weeks.)
  • How far along you are (The abortion procedures change depending on how far along you are.)
  • What the abortion procedures are
  • How an abortion might affect you long term
  • Risk factors of an abortion

If you have questions about at home abortions, abortion procedures, or what to expect if you take the abortion pill, make an appointment to discuss your options today.

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Considering ADOPTION?

It takes a unique and special birth parent who will consider placing their baby for adoption.

You’ll need to know:

  • Where can you get an adoption?
  • How much does adoption cost?
  • What is open adoption?
  • Will I ever get to see or hear from my baby if I place for adoption?
  • What are the emotional effects of placing a baby for adoption?
  • Benefits of adoption.
  • What if you know someone who wants to adopt your baby?

Options Care Center can help you decide if adoption is a good option for you.

Considering PARENTING?

Parenting is one of the hardest and most rewarding pregnancy options. You may have concerns regarding finances and your ability to provide the necessities for your baby. You may also have questions about caring for babies or raising toddlers. Options Care Center can provide the information you need as you step into parenting.

You’ll need to know:

  • What resources, help, and support is available for you.
  • Schooling options for moms and dads, including scholarships
  • Information about pregnancy, labor, and raising kids
  • What options are available to you for maternity or paternity leave

Options Care Center will aid you in your parenting journey long after pregnancy! Check out our Parenting Resources page to find out how we can help.